The NutBerry Project

The goal of the NutBerry project is a permissionless optimistic rollup layer-2 solution with support for stateful smart contracts. NutBerry intentionally has the same transaction encoding and signing scheme as Ethereum transactions to be one-to-one compatible with the existing ecosystem.

NutBerry greatly improves the user experience for dApp developers and users alike, because developers gain the ability for instant transactions, optimistic finality for a block and thus removing the burden of educating users about transaction gas costs and confirmation times thereof.

* No special/additional tooling for developers necessary. * No special interfaces in smart contracts. Interacting with ERC20/ERC721 tokens works exactly as on the ethereum root-chain. In a nutshell, NutBerry improves the latency of trustless interactions(smart contracts) and improves transaction throughput.

Second Testnet Release πŸŽ‰ | Tue Feb 18, 2020 #

The second Testnet is live on Ropsten! πŸŽ‰ Version 0.3.0 introduces EIP-712 support, aka `Ethereum typed structured data hashing and signing`. Checkout the πŸ‘‰ Public Testnet Document

A short look behind the shell for Q1 of 2020 | Thu Jan 16, 2020 #

NutBerry is especially interesting for dApp developers as it gives developers an easy and fast way to collect and submit transactions from users. It also removes the burden of educating dApp users about gas prices and confirmation times in the usual app-flow everywhere. This makes up for a much better user experience in the dApp space. Only a single view there users have to deposit and withdraw their tokens from & back to the root-chain are going to be needed.

At the moment, NutBerry already supports verifying transactions by a truebit-like verification game and is work in progress to switch to the Gated Computing model as the next step before it generally supports arbitrary contracts on L2.

Development work on NutBerry is only sporadic at this time of writing. This project is awaiting funding decisions to accelerate to full-time development of the next milestone.

But the stars✨ appear to look like 2020 is going to Layer-2 πŸ’ͺ